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Testing FAQs1

Differentiate between gmail and yahoomail?
Before current yahoo beta version was launched, gmail was only one to use AJAX.

What will you do if you are trying to install a software and its not getting installed
if something is not working then we do google to find solution for things that
normally would take more time if done through normal procedure.

How do you solve in case you find a Bug in the telephone?
First I will get in touch with the Customer who made the complain and send engineer to test in case the connection is proper and also check in case the instrument is working fine . In case instrument is not working fine it will be replaced else it will be rectified in the telephone exchange from which the line was given to the customer

How do you raise a bug in case in yahoo conference call you are not able to view messages delivered by the other person at your end?
Take the screen shot of the messages screen of the other person where he is sending messages and also the screen shot of my end where I am not able to view those messages and describe the situation to the developer for resolution of the problem

What are the different types of testing that can be done on an application?
Black box covering functional and other types of testing
White Box testing checking for logic and conditional loops

Gray box testing in case HTML and other technologies are involved in application

What is the purpose of using java script in the application?
Web pages have several input boxes we use Java script to write validations and other functions

How will you test a lock?

  • Lock should open only with its key. Test with selected samples of key (local made ,same company, same make but different key, other brands, carved keys, master key )
  • Should open smoothly showing no signs of stiffness or rough/wear tear with intensive/stressing use of Lock. Concept is Locks interior surface detoriate /oxidize with passage of time so locks should have resistant surface.
  • Lock should have standards displayed like number of levers and tested benchmarks/symbols specified on lock.
  • Lock should be robust, subjected to force or massive hit should not get deformed or detoriate from its working condition.

How will you test a browser?

  • URL should retrieve home page of given website.
  • Should support Http and Https protocols
  • Should directly retrieve response if input variable is given in URL (like URL?variable_name=input typed in address bar)
  • Should display html, images.
  • Should prompt the user for ActiveX controls installations if required for correct functioning of web page.
  • Functionality for Stop, Refresh , Favourites, and other options.
  • Should allow for saving of page on edit (File options)
  • Should work equally for both domain names and IPs

How to test outlook mail (specially send-receive functionality)

  • To test based on configuration to receive mails from mail server.
  • System should check for new mails in the mail server for the user’s account
    1. to test user authentication and authorization as per definition.
    2. For example – Test to confirm system should d/l only for the specific user’s a/c etc

  • System should follow filters / rules defined during download the mails to local system.

How to test Calculator application of windows.

  • Launch the application as per configuration and requirement.
  • Test different types of numbers involved in calculation like
  1. +ve/-ve integers, decimals, no of digits etc in details
  2. using boundary value analysis
  3. How the application is capable to handle continues combination of calculations
  • How the application is capable to handle errors, for example “overflow of values”
  • How the application is capable to accept and react different Input methods (keyboard/mouse).

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Testing FAQs

  • What are the components in a web based application?
  • What is javascript?
  • How HTML will take care in Java Script absence?
  • Define a Table in HTML
  • Difference between HTTP and HTTPS.
  • What is SSL
  • How do you check the ip of machine on linux ?
  • How will you print first three letters of all files and sub folders within folder “A” in linux.
  • Tell one problem that may arise handling a team?
  • How do you determine the 2nd largest number in a array of elements?
  • What is a DLL file ?
  • What are windows registry used for?
  • What information does windows registry have?
  • Which folder does the software details stored in registry?
  • How do you check the registry and what information is needed to be checked in a registry?
  • What are Services in Windows? Name a few services which come by default in windows.
  • How do you start/stop a service?
  • Difference Between System Testing and Integration Testing.
  • Different kinds of performance testing like load testing, volume testing.
  • When do you think a Tester can certify a product or an application, so that it can go into production?
  • What is the most critical bug you happen to find in your testing life cycle?
  • 3 critical defects found in your 1st project, why do you think it is critical
  • 3 most interesting tests you came up with in your current project
  • Prepare test cases for a Pen
  • How will you test a projector.
  • How will you test the ‘Random’ feature of windows media player.
  • How to you test a web page , say yahoo.com or google.com ?
  • Explain Automation architecture.
  • Give a few positive and negative test cases for login scenario
  • How would you test a real atom bomb?

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